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Hey flash animators using Swivel - here's the 1 guy behind it. He's herschel & I have the highest…
@TheWeebl Surely "cute-ic-AAARGHL!"?
Dungeons 2 is rather good.
DJ Hodor? Who knew? Pretty awesome and he's playing Bristol tomorrow.
Learn about colors with Jellybug
@WeeblStuff you are my only source for booty jams.
simon cowell is the king of the beavers and he can't fool the owls. #weebl
When your geography teacher plays a Mr Weebl song and your sat there trying to keep in the fangirl @TheWeebl
He doth nothing but talk of his horse, which, I confess, is amazing. #XtremeShakespeare @midnight #Weebl
The Meat Wizard is back. Don't miss this weeks #ThrowbackThursday you salty little pig strips.…
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