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This truck was causing a commotion on the road. @TheWeebl
This #ThrowbackThursday we ask you (Armadillos) be careful when making your Pot Pourri pillows
im gonna have a massive party and im going to play mr weebl all night
Woo. I'm an Apple Music Artist. Listen to Mr Weebl on @AppleMusic.
Celebrate Friday with the tasty electro pop of this weeks #ThrowbackThursday @Savlonic
Currently changing the lyrics to Weebl songs so they're about my cat. Having a lot of fun with it, actually. Thanks for asking.
You know you're a fan when your 1st answer is 'Weebl'. @TheWeebl
This was great fun RT @AClickPerSecond: Weebl Performs Amazing Horse | What's Trending LIVE
This #throwbackthursday hear the electro/pop might of "Tiny Japanese Girl" by @TheSavlonic
Remember when Bungie weren't a huge bunch of dicks?…
Any suggestions for this weeks Mr Weebl Presents? Looking for small channels (animation pref) with videos that deserve more views.
Customer at just bought 12 bottles of Badger Ale and 2 packets of mushrooms. I now have a certain song in my head. @TheWeebl
Is it a bird, is it a plane? This #ThrowbackThursday we're taking to the skies in style.
Tomorrow we've got another awesome #ThrowbackThursday animation for you. Who knows what might be dive bombing your beagle?
Seems a bit of an elaborate and painful way to take your shoes off but who am I to stop innovation.
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