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Hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh god...
If only you guys knew how fake every fucking youtuber is. I'm just going to call it out when I see bullshit now.
@KattW_ are you free on the 15th of may in london?
Got it all working @PropellerheadSW. Thanks for the help. Win8 solved the problems. #liveweebl
Justin's bum leaked?
life tips: how to have the best april fools day of your life xox
Lovely write up about our @JellyBugToons channel
The vibe today. Sorting stuff before holidays. Feeling like #BUSINESSCAT. @WeeblStuff…
Just had the words "Stanley Gibbons" stuck in my head, I tracked it down to @WeeblStuff's sexy voice invading my brain. More podcasts sir!
Sat listening to @WeeblStuff with @DaveBawss 😊❤️ is there a better way to spend the evening?!
@WeeblStuff We love you!!! When we first formed the band we used to stay up watching your videos while writing songs!
All being well there will be Branches 2 this week or next.
God damn it @virginmedia why is any connection outside your network running at less than a meg? Again. Sort your shit out. too regular.
Zayn Malik would appear to be a very interesting solo act.
HEY @doddleoddle you poop! When you sending me some stems to remix?
Is the TIDAL video recorded actually inside the head of a camera man who has just snorted poppers? Woosh, wooosh woosh woosh! #TIDALforALL
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