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It's TenEighty's Christmas Extravaganza featuring 25 of your favourite YouTubers from 2014…
Celebrate this day of days by watching this celebratory video of this most celebrated day.
Where did you do photography @KattW_ ?
Hey, how about watching the new thing I spent forever making… 90% of my youtube subs seem to have missed it.
Hey @TenEightyUK when are you going to ask YouTube how they feel about crushing the hopes and dreams of hundreds of talented animators?
Moby is so full of shit.
It's the greatest day. Let us celebrate it as we should. Day 21.
How sass is controlled in this house. That or my kids love climbing in the dog cage we just got.
Beware the Ultra Vicar. It's day 20.
Thanks for all the book suggestions guys.
Looking for suggestion on what to read on my kindle next. Some hard scifi. Just finished all the Iain M Banks culture book. Similar is good.
You know @TheWeebl is too awesome when your science teacher plays magical Trevor at the end of the lesson and quotes weebl and Bob 👍
A song about the trauma of last minute Xmas shopping.
@RageNineteen you up for one more animation?
Oh no. @veeoneeye has blocked me. I'm so sad.
Late Night Xmas Shopping : Advent Calendar : Day 19: via @YouTube
Biting satire in the new advent calendar animation. So sharp! Animated by @RageNineteen
.@PropellerheadSW Nice update. Discover sounds really interesting.
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