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Last chance to take advantage of the 1st #ThrowbackThursday's 50% off offer.… #Igotcrabs
I started singing the narwhals song and then the commercial came on. I summoned it! I'm the dark lord
When you feel sad, remember you live in a world where narwhals exist. They are basically sea-unicorns.
Next song animation nearing completion.
As it's Wednesday today I'm making the big assumption that tomorrow will be Thursday. What does that mean? An all new #ThrowbackThursday!
Next song animation nearing completion.
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Angry | Weebl and Bob : ep005
"Narwhals Narwhals swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion." Is the #weebl #narwhals video too catchy? The internet says yes. @sprint
Dame Maggie Smith leaving Downton Abbey just as Marvel is about to cast a new Spider-Man. INTRIGUING.
.@MsDarlizzle asked me what gifts we get this year for our anniversary. I told her it was porcelain or computer games. Back me up guys.
A Pie is for life, not just for #BritishPieWeek Reach out to a local pie near you before its too late.…
Time for a Weebl and Bob reboot. Everything rigged in After Effects. Should look not terrible.
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