The Weebl's Stuff Fancy Dancer Award 2006

The Weebl's Stuff Fancy Dancer Award 2006

The Weebl's Stuff Fancy Dancer Award 2006 is now open.

To enter we need a 1 minute (or there abouts) video of you dancing in a fancy manner.

Video can be hosted by yourself, Google Videos or YouTube. We don't mind.
Forum members can post their videos in this thread.
Alternatively you can send a link to the video by email.

Rules for the dancing.

1: This competition is strictly for amateurs only. No pro dancers allowed.
2: Style is secondary to innovation and the joy of the dance.
3: Dancing should last about 1 minute.
4: Groups are allowed but there is only one prize.
5: the ultimate winner will be the one who's dance spreads the most joy via the gift of the dance.
6: The competition entries will be posted on the main site so nothing obscene will be accepted.
7: If needed we will add more rules.
8: Even though Weebl is without doubt the fanciest of dancers he cannot win though he may be allowed to make his own trophy should he feel the need.
9: We will have your fullest permission to use the footage on our site. Not half full but totally full.
10: Entries should be specifically made for the award. Not some video you made months ago or just found on the web.
11: You can enter more than one video.

The fabled Weebl's Stuff Fancy Dancer Award 2006 will look a little something like this:

An Example of the fancy dance is included below.

The competition will close when we say so but most probably by the end of May 2006.
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