Savlonic Interview

Savlonic Interview

Hopefully by now you should be all about hot new sensatiotronic

Hopefully by now you should be all about hot new sensatiotronic band, Savlonic. Their single Electro Gypsy has been slaying dancefloors, and with an upcoming Anglegrinder 8 drum and bass remix, it's ready to spread like tar all over the ear drums of the world. I managed to haul them into a seedy bar for a chat, and here is that, for you, right

Darling: So it pleasures me to welcome Evangeline D'isco and Roscoe Thunderpants from Savlonic. Hi.

Both: Hi

Darling: Your drummer Kandee Flaus is bunking today. Where's she off?

Roscoe: She went to some Drummers United thing at the Grovesnor. Apparently Alex Van Halen was getting some award from Phil Collins. She went in protest I think.

Darling: (laughing) Excellent. Well, listen, congratulations on Electro Gypsy.

Roscoe: Thanks. It's been a bit strange for us, because that was a song we wrote in the late eighties, when rave was really starting to bubble up, and it was about this bloke who used to run illegal raves out of the back of an ice cream truck. He'd put on this glowing sign that said ‘99's', and we'd all dance around it. Great bloke.

Evangeline: Yeah, it was about his incongrousness, he was into beats, but he was a gypsy. So...Electro Gypsy.

Darling: And did he actually wear leather trousers.

Roscoe: Nah, we made that bit up. He used to wear these bright purple dungarees. But you try getting anything to rhyme with dungarees...

Darling: Knees...

Roscoe: That's never going to work.

Darling: Eating cheese...

Roscoe: Nah, he had an intolerance to dairy. What about...if you please...

Evangeline: Sorry, Darling. He's gone off on a tangent. Next we'll be singing about some kind of cheese counter, eating brie and camembert

Roscoe: (singing) It get's in your hair...Camembert.

Evangeline: (looks skywards)

Roscoe: All joking apart, we were really chuffed when Weebl picked up on our stuff and decided to make our video. We love it, it's basically bringing the band to a whole new audience, and that is so good for us.

Evangeline: We love that Weebl style. He's quite the artist. And I hear he's hot...

Darling: er...

Roscoe: You take a risk with animated videos, unless it's Take on Me by Aha then I don't know if I've seen a good one.

Evangeline: What about Sexy Boy. With the monkey.

Roscoe: Yeah, but it's not all animated.

Evangeline: Royksopp..Remind me...

Roscoe: Oh yeah...

Evangeline: What was that really dark one with the bullet coming through the water dispenser. That was amazing.

Roscoe: Oh yeah. Clearly I'm talking out my behind.

Darling: (chuckling) So, bringing it back, are you planning to tour?

Evangeline: We don't know yet. I guess it depends on how far we can spread the Gypsy message.

Roscoe: All the way to Portsmouth!

(they both laugh)

Darling: (laughing)Don't set you sights too high though!

I have to talk about the look of the band, you've got quiet a distinct style.

Roscoe: Yeah, can I just take this moment to say I haven't cut my muzzy to look like Hitler. I keep getting messages saying ‘Why is your facial hair like Hitler's'? Of all the dicatators and grim historical figures his would be the last facial hair I would copy.

Darling: Who's would be?

Roscoe: Fu Manchu.

All laughing

Roscoe: No seriously, I was heavily influenced by Ron Mael of Sparks when I was growing up, so this is my homage to him. Although I like to think I give it my own twist.

Darling: Do you think what a band wears is important to their sound?

Roscoe: I guess. Although this is what I look like. I don't go home and change into sweats and a smoking jacket.

Evangline: I think you should now that you've mentioned it.

Roscoe: Ev changes into baggy jeans after, so she doesn't get rubber chafe!

Evangeline: That is true. Kandee and I wear these really restrIctive rubbery suits. You have to talc yourself into them. Fun onstage, but you couldn't wear them all the time. Your head would explode. So, I go home, rock the baggys, and everyone's a winner!

Roscoe: There's a whole Vanilla Ice vibe going on in Ev's ‘downtime' warddrobe.

Darling: Nice. It could have been worse, it could have been MC Hammer.

Roscoe: Not far off that either!

Darling:So do you mind if we do some ‘First...' type questions?

Roscoe: Not at all!

Evangeline: It's my favourite bit!

Darling: Ok....First...Gig?

Evangeline: Mine, although loads of people seem to think this is embarrassing, was seeing Grace Jones play on Top of the Pops. It was her Slave to the Rhythm time, and she looked amazing. She had this massive weird purple thing on her head, and looked like she may have tipped over the mental edge. You had to be eighteen to get in, and I was seriously underage, so it all felt very decadent and fun. I can't remember who else was playing, it may well have been Foreigner, so let's just ignore that bit!

Darling: Roscoe?

Roscoe: Candy Flip at the Guildford Civic Hall. I know, that's terrible. They did that really shoddy version of Strawberry Fields, which was all manufactured and tweaky. To my credit there was a girl there I really fancied, so I sort of followed her there. Not like a stalker, though!

Darling: Did you cop off with her?

Roscoe: (Laughing) No!! Man, I was skanked. Candy Flip and no action. That's no way to spend a Saturday night!

Darling: Ok, first single?

Roscoe: It was battered copy of ‘This Town ain't big enough for the both of us' (Sparks). I found it in a charity shop, and it changed my musical path forever.

Evangeline: The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Tight Fit. Oooo, oooo, oooo, oooo, ooo um um away. It's pretty fun, I still play it when I dj out. It always goes down a treat, people think they're dancing ‘ironically', but they really love it.

Darling: Listen, mine was The Power by Snap, so I'm in no position to criticise.

Evangeline: That's got that amazing bassline, it sounds like someone sawing through the speaker.

Darling: Yep. You can ad that to your set list!

Evangline: I think you can only have so much irony. Where does it stop, after that you'd be rocking Agadoo.

Darling: (giggling) Well, on that note I reckon I should let you go. Please let us know at Weebl HQ if you are planning any secret gigs, or even when you might be djing, and we'll pop down.

Roscoe: It's been a pleasure.

Evangeline: Cheers


As a bit of a bonus we've managed to get our hands on the Anglegrinder 8 remix of Electro Gypsy for you as well.


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