Rubble Trouble

Loading Comments...Rubble Trouble

  • Posted 28th May 2010
  • Viewed 85,043 times (60 times per day)

Knock down buildings with various tools and that.

Armed With Wings

Loading Comments...Armed With Wings

  • Posted 28th May 2010
  • Viewed 71,914 times (51 times per day)

Hack and slash your way through the game with the help of your eagle chum.

Mr Runner

Loading Comments...Mr Runner

  • Posted 28th May 2010
  • Viewed 93,802 times (66 times per day)

Cute little platformer. Quite tricky mind you.


Loading Comments...Amil

  • Posted 9th April 2010
  • Viewed 78,431 times (54 times per day)

A nice little adventure platform game with a twist.

Battalion Ghosts

Loading Comments...Battalion Ghosts

  • Posted 8th January 2010
  • Viewed 75,874 times (49 times per day)

The full Battalion game. Similar to Advance Wars.

Don't Look Back

Loading Comments...Don't Look Back

  • Posted 4th December 2009
  • Viewed 130,550 times (82 times per day)

Superb puzzle/platform game where you try and rescue your loved one from death.

Huje Tower

Loading Comments...Huje Tower

  • Posted 9th October 2009
  • Viewed 140,266 times (85 times per day)

Build a tower high enough to finish each level.

Oh The Huge Manatee

Loading Comments...Oh The Huge Manatee

  • Posted 9th October 2009
  • Viewed 116,866 times (71 times per day)

Simple but fun game where you must dodge the falling sea animals. By

Achievement Unlocked

Loading Comments...Achievement Unlocked

  • Posted 25th September 2009
  • Viewed 121,788 times (73 times per day)

Unlock the achievements. That is all. By JMTB02. Warning: This game has ridiculously upbeat music.


Loading Comments...Ninjufo

  • Posted 21st August 2009
  • Viewed 107,841 times (64 times per day)

A smart little pixel game by Ninja Doodle.

Look out, Mr Johnson!

Loading Comments...Look out, Mr Johnson!

  • Posted 10th August 2009
  • Viewed 86,490 times (51 times per day)

Give it a while to load! Created by the awesome molkman, you control a ghost that must use fear and eating things to guide Mr johnson to safety. This game teaches us that fear and eating things can...

Ultimate Crab Battle

Loading Comments...Ultimate Crab Battle

  • Posted 29th July 2009
  • Viewed 119,799 times (70 times per day)

The most ultimate battle with a giant crab you're ever likely to see.

The X Spot

Loading Comments...The X Spot

  • Posted 30th May 2009
  • Viewed 168,614 times (95 times per day)

Find the X in each mini game. It's a bit like Warioware and as a result it's pretty fun. By

Battalion: Skirmish

Loading Comments...Battalion: Skirmish

  • Posted 26th May 2009
  • Viewed 69,122 times (39 times per day)

Outstanding game by Urban Squall. Similar to Advance Wars on the DS.

The Mind Bender

Loading Comments...The Mind Bender

  • Posted 20th March 2009
  • Viewed 134,838 times (73 times per day)

Use your mind powers to fling boxes around and that, in order to reach the exit. By Armor Games.

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