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Weebl news

You know @TheWeebl is too awesome when your science teacher plays magical Trevor at the end of the lesson and quotes weebl and Bob 👍
A song about the trauma of last minute Xmas shopping.
@RageNineteen you up for one more animation?
Oh no. @veeoneeye has blocked me. I'm so sad.
Late Night Xmas Shopping : Advent Calendar : Day 19: via @YouTube
Biting satire in the new advent calendar animation. So sharp! Animated by @RageNineteen
.@PropellerheadSW Nice update. Discover sounds really interesting.
Help support your local animator.
Who have I got to make a cartoon quickly? 25 seconds long. Silly.
Competition is good to keep things vibrant… This is hugely needed.
Had a very complex idea for the advent calendar that's also kind of horrific. Honestly don't think we have time to make it work though. :(
Hey y’all, @TheWeebl survived the flash apocalypse…
This advent calendar is exhausting me once again. Barely functioning. So close though.
Let's take another look at our Bauble friend from day 2. Maybe everything is back to normal now.
@TheWeebl Festive Northern Christmas : Advent Calendar : Day 16: I am at a loss for words at how perfect this is.
@TheThirdPew Would you be up for doing a voice for an advent animation?
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