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Weebl news

Kai just sent me this in a 'you need to see this. like, you have to. for your health and sanity' kinda way.…
Too ill to deal with YouTube today. will upload the new animation this weekend. Sorry everyone.
New video in a few hours. Animated by the lovely @sashmorky
Prankers are the worst people. Closely followed by their audience who back then up when they're clearly being racist, misogynist pricks.
What a classy life I lead. I bet if I got a loot box it would be full of various shits.
I wanted my previous tweet to be about the undatables. Not kitty shits.
And now the cats done a massive shit on the rug.
Hi I'm Gok Wan. Look at me dance around with a bunch of ladies who need big old yogurt shits. What a happy bunch we are.
Just spilled kebab juice all over my crotch. Never been more attractive.
Just watched some rugger bugger throw up on some poor sods bike seat.
Anyone know why my audio goes out of sync when streaming to twitch? I'm using ffsplit. Starts off fine but after 2hrs it's at least 1sec out
From my live Twitch stream today.
2nd part of my twitch stream, making a song. Sorry audio goes out of sync.
Twitch stream from today's music making is now on my second channel…
Lets Make A Music With Mr Weebl:
Gonna start a twitch music stream in a moment.
@zekey_s_lizard are you getting my emails?
Did you see this? You should. It's a collection of Weebl Wildlife. Look with your eyes…
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