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Weebl news

What's with the erie glow over Edinburgh tonight?
Avengers Assemble on BBC 1 in 30mins. Perfect bloated family viewing.
Web Animation Watch: Christmas Edition fts epic contribution from @TheWeebl plus @mashed @birdboxstudio and more!…
@xboxuk my nephew has been banned from xblox live on his brand new xbox one. I can't see any reason why. How do I figure out what's going on
@TheWeebl Aunty got me this for Xmas finally. Best day ever. @TheSavlonic
Merry Christmas. Here's all this years Advent videos in one place. Happy new year from Weebl's Stuff.
If you feel like having a good Christmas cry then you can't fail with the Old Jacks Boat special.
If you're tired of the same ol' Xmas songs, check out this incredible, awesome track from @TheWeebl and @TheFreds.…
New animation on BBC1 for Christmas. Not sure it could look any cheaper than it does. If you're going to tween at least use easing.
The exceptional @TheWeebl has been putting up videos every day and they're better than a chocolate advent calendar.
So weird not having to do any work. Merry Christmas everybody. Hope you all have a great one. Except you @OliverAge24 you can suck it.
.@TheWeebl & @RageNineteen make it rein, dear oh dear, on today's final Weebl Advent Calendar video (written by me!)…
Our final day of Advent animation. Hurrah! We made it!
Do you like annoyingly catchy tunes? Then watch this and retweet to spread the annoyance.
The penultimate day of our Advent Calendar. It's a lovely little song. Not annoying at all.
Off to Edinburgh for a day or two to see family. Hope my present isn't heroin and deep fried chocolates again.
We made over 15 minutes of video this month. This is the amount you're meant to upload each week for YouTube to think your channel is active
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