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Weebl news

From my live Twitch stream today.
2nd part of my twitch stream, making a song. Sorry audio goes out of sync.
Twitch stream from today's music making is now on my second channel…
Lets Make A Music With Mr Weebl:
Gonna start a twitch music stream in a moment.
@zekey_s_lizard are you getting my emails?
Did you see this? You should. It's a collection of Weebl Wildlife. Look with your eyes…
Patreon supporters. You will have a new animation shortly.
the new Skype layout on PC is a ballache isn't it?
@Daniel_Dobbs have you got some video for me, fellow?
Yep gonna make some @TheWeebl thongs totally 😂😂
Had a very productive day! New shelves up, @TheWeebl posters from MCM framed & up. I'm getting good at this DIY shit.
Some work would be good right now.
Oh look, @TheWeebl , my son drew his own Space Is Fun rendition! He's been singing it for days on end.
The new Stars in Their Eyes is off its tits.
Peter Molyneux warns someone not to overhype something? This is from experience right?…
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