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Weebl news

Eye of the Tiger on a dot matrix printer.…
Hey, I've got more followers than @Scientology, and I've killed way fewer people! Where's my tax exemptions?
Finally got to see Interstella. It's a pretty boss film. Dunno what the problem is.
@danisnotonfire @AmazingPhil just pmed you both. enjoy. Please say it's ok.
Ahh. We've moved on to hexbug videos. High art compared to bloody Shopkins unboxing. I like how relentlessly nerdy the creators are too.
If I hear the phase "Cookie Swirl C *idiotic cutesy giggle*" ONE MORE TIME I WILL THROW THE IPAD OUT THE WINDOW.
@FilmCow @damienslash Hi guys. We're close to finishing Branches 2 but I don't think I have your credits videos Are you still ok to do one?
@Kr3id sent you another branch.
@LilDeuceDeuce you about on skype sir? I need your fine and sexy help.
For those who want a bit of Fat Labrador, instrumental style:…
People act surprised that I chose Kenya because of the Weebl video, but I went to Norway last year to see this.
For those who want a bit of Fat Labrador, instrumental style:…
Love this! The Huffington Post: #Narwhals Narwhals Causing a Commotion: An #Interview With Mr. Weebl's Jonti Picking.…
Bugger it I'm going on tour .. And I'll sing acoustic Mr Weebl songs
@JazzaJohn I'm tweeting you because I feel bad that I'm so socially inept.
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That feeling when you ask someone to forward you an email and they send you an SMS with the URL to their Yahoo Mail inbox….
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