Yoghurty burp

Yoghurty burp


Lo all.

New news for you yous. I has been told to link you all to a lovely game so I'll do that right here:


I also have more e-mails to share!

An Ode to Pie, by Azadude
I was bored and on holiday, so I figured I'd write a short poem about pie:
I see you there, sitting in your crust,
and so my heart is filled with lust:
Hunger for your delicious filling
I'll eat you now, if I were willing!
But I see you sitting on the window-sill,
and force myself not to lunge at you and spill
your scalding, burning, sticky-sweet fruit
onto me: 3rd degree burns are not cute.
And so for another short time I must go without pie.
The time has come to ask the question, "Why?,
"Why did I bake my pastry so hot?"
The answer, of course is "How could I not."
Hope you like it! =D

Lo Azadude, thanks for the deeply moving lyrics. The real question is not why did you bake it so hot; it is why is the pie not full of meats instead of fruits? I rate this poem 3/5 so if it was for an exam you would have passed. You did well.

You know what?
It'd be great to hear your opinion on toy story 1 & 2 and how EXCITED you are about TOY STORY 3
Toby the beloved hat magnet

Lo Toby. Toy Story 1 and 2 are both incredibly dated, poorly made and badly voice-acted. You should see some of my work if you like Toy Story - my effects will blow your tiny mind! I think Toy Storys 3 will be exactly like Toy Story 1 and 2 but with some amazing twist that turns out to not be amazing at all.

lo bob,
Erm, a few questions:
1: What is your favourite pie?
2: Do you know when the next episode of 8-bit pwny club will be outs?
3: How do you hold stuff in some of your weebl and bob episodes without any hands? :s
- Cam

Lo Cam. 1) Beefs. 2) No, you need to ask Weebl. 3) That is like asking how the dinosaurs hold things in Jurassic Park. The answer is the same: Raptor Glue!


Okay my lovely peoples I gots to go now. Oh, before I go I been told to informs you that the survey winner has been contacted! I am not divuljing giving names but I tells you this so you can stop refreshing your e-mail inboxes. Thanks to all who participate! Hopefully we can offer you more prizes soon. KISS KISS BYE.

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This is what happens when you're not with an MCN on a channel I guess. @ChannelFlip I thought you'd whitelisted me?


So @Youtube is saying I don't own the Weebl and Bob Donkey episode. Maybe if an actual human checked these things...


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