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Investiture of the edible

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  • Posted 23rd September 2011 by AntonyC
  • Votes: +13

Once upon a perfect peril...

Universithing: Pilot

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  • Posted 16th June 2011 by KrEid
  • Votes: +18

So here it is! I'm starting Uni this September, and as I go through the years I'm going to be making a kind of "Flash Diary" to document my time there! Here's an explanation...

Drugs, drugs, drugs!

Loading Comments...Drugs, drugs, drugs!

A young boy faces the horrors of crack use through the smooth rhymes of DJ Funkalunch, the star of a rap based PSA from the early 90s. Inspired by the "Snake" Anti-Drug Ad:

Dog Bum Chancer

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This dog's bum is not to be sniffed at!

King Pong

Loading Comments...King Pong

  • Posted 24th March 2011 by Thiezar
  • Votes: +12

Two Kongs kidnapped a girl and wants to play with her. Throw the girl to the other Kong and catch her back. Don't let the girl die! Use the MOUSE to set the launch and UP and DOWN arrows or W...

Xtreme Coffee Action Set!

Loading Comments...Xtreme Coffee Action Set!

Tired of your son playing with that sissy little pink tea set? Worried that he won't give you any grandkids? Sounds like you need to turn Tea Time into XTREME TIME!

Try Not to Die

Loading Comments...Try Not to Die

  • Posted 27th January 2011 by Lordapricot
  • Votes: +17

Use the right/left arrow keys to help the little man dodge evil boulders

Space Dog No. 1

Loading Comments...Space Dog No. 1

  • Posted 26th December 2010 by KimboRambo
  • Votes: +12

Find out the true story behind the first dog in space - Laika - in this arena shooter.

The Advent Fairy

Loading Comments...The Advent Fairy

  • Posted 1st December 2010 by KrEid
  • Votes: +20

A short educational Christmas toon about advent calendars! Be sure to look for the Easter Egg too!

Odball: Lemon Aid

Loading Comments...Odball: Lemon Aid

  • Posted 15th November 2010 by KrEid
  • Votes: +12

Oddball needs money for a bike...

Pumpkin Invasion

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  • Posted 19th October 2010 by NipponMonkey
  • Votes: +12

The Pumpkins have arrived from another dimension, shoot them down along with the Bats and Skulls to save the universe! Collect the power-ups to improve your ship's weapon strength and shield strength. Collect...

The Beast: MDM

Loading Comments...The Beast: MDM

  • Posted 5th October 2010 by 53xy83457
  • Votes: +11

Created for Madness Day 2010 on Newgrounds. A collection of QTE fights against some of the evil doers from the series. Follow the prompts- use the arrow keys to fight and the spacebar for finishers....

Days Of Yore

Loading Comments...Days Of Yore

  • Posted 13th September 2010 by Molkman
  • Votes: +22

Pimpin times them medieval days were yo. Spank that shizz.

Captain Corpse!

Loading Comments...Captain Corpse!

  • Posted 26th August 2010 by LukeGreen
  • Votes: +14

The hero without a pulse...

Fatman Go!

Loading Comments...Fatman Go!

  • Posted 12th August 2010 by Spelgrim
  • Votes: +24

A skill-based physics game where you need to get rid of the bomb by taking it to the rain. You travel around the level by jumping and swinging around with your Fatarang. Controls: Hold mouse - Charge...

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Behold My Mighty Steed

Behold My Mighty Steed

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Investiture of the edible

Investiture of the edible

Once upon a perfect peril...

Universithing: Pilot

Universithing: Pilot

So here it is! I'm starting Uni this September, and as...

Drugs, drugs, drugs!

Drugs, drugs, drugs!

A young boy faces the horrors of crack use through the smooth...

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