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Octopus Moustache

Loading Comments...Octopus Moustache

  • Posted 23rd October 2008 by SASlack
  • Votes: +25

A surrealistic, metaphorical look at American politics... or a silly little cartoon... you decide.

ragdoll avalanche game

Loading Comments...ragdoll avalanche game

  • Posted 22nd October 2008 by Tomtomgo178
  • Votes: +29

a game where u control ur stick man with the arrow keys and ADVOID THE FALLING SPIKES (dimwit)

A Fistful of Animation

Loading Comments...A Fistful of Animation

And if that doesn't work, you could try releasing the tiger...

Where Da Hood At?

Loading Comments...Where Da Hood At?

  • Posted 22nd October 2008 by Benjadaninja
  • Votes: +23

An elementary school student has a very important question to share.

Michael and his big egg head

Loading Comments...Michael and his big egg head

Throw the egghead as far as you can.


Loading Comments...Blerf

  • Posted 15th October 2008 by Aap
  • Votes: +27

Another kid goes out for a walk... A sequel to Blergh, which can also be seen here on Peepl's Stuff.


Loading Comments...Horse

A horse called Cow is taken to a park, but is in danger of an albino crow with a corn trumpet!

This Is Australia

Loading Comments...This Is Australia

  • Posted 7th October 2008 by Dead-smiley
  • Votes: +19

A short and rudely interupted guide to Australia.

Bomb Jack

Loading Comments...Bomb Jack

  • Posted 28th September 2008 by Syndicate
  • Votes: +11

A flash remake of the arcade game BombJack. Jack "defuses" the bombs by simply touching them. As soon as he has touched the first, he triggers a sequence in which another bomb's fuse lights up, and so...

Life of squid

Loading Comments...Life of squid

  • Posted 10th September 2008 by Gws34
  • Votes: +37

Grow your squid by eating fish that are smaller than you while avoiding those that are larger. Navigate through levels of increasing difficulty, use your speed boost, collect score bonuses and answer squid...

Pinja Nigeon (2006)

Loading Comments...Pinja Nigeon (2006)

  • Posted 9th September 2008 by Angry_tubby
  • Votes: +61

This animation does not include a pigeon or a ninja. I made this just under 2 years ago. It's another short one. Music by Aim (P.s you can also watch it on newgrounds if you are that way inclined) (P.P.S,...


Loading Comments...Colours

  • Posted 8th September 2008 by Ogvidius
  • Votes: +73

A short little toon about a little rectangle and circle that run around being happy, until one day their colours go away :( so they... infact, i won't tell you the whole thing, just watch it and try...

Robots Number One

Loading Comments...Robots Number One

  • Posted 2nd September 2008 by Angry_tubby
  • Votes: +59

Full Title: Untitled Animation About Robots Number One A little short about a robot that looks suspiciously too much like that one off WALL-E. Music By Raymond Scott.

Donut Loop

Loading Comments...Donut Loop

  • Posted 2nd September 2008 by MOONHITLER
  • Votes: +38

Stop motion animation number 2. This time with play button!

Planet Thing 1.0

Loading Comments...Planet Thing 1.0

  • Posted 28th August 2008 by Plazzar
  • Votes: +13

Survive on a mini planet as long as possible while for no real reason someone is fireing missiles at you!

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