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  • Posted 26th June 2010 by Remivision
  • Votes: +17

Help lost people find their way home in this addictive path-finding puzzle game. Go home through mazes of winding paths in a total of 21 brain-challenging levels!

Color Warriors

Loading Comments...Color Warriors

  • Posted 15th June 2010 by KimboRambo
  • Votes: +10

NOTE: The resolution has been shrunk to fit the standards of Weebl's Stuff, if you want to play Color Warriors in its original 700x600 glory you can do so at my website: Play it with...


Loading Comments...IheartPanda

  • Posted 10th June 2010 by Spelgrim
  • Votes: +15

Your goal is to supply the sad people with cuddly pink pandas so that they become loving and happy! Launch your pandas from the PandaCannon and spread the joy! Instructions: Click and hold to charge...

Confessions of a Tampon

Loading Comments...Confessions of a Tampon

  • Posted 4th May 2010 by LukeGreen
  • Votes: +12

A slightly strange cartoon about a tampons life story... made this a while ago but only just felt like sharing it with you lovly people :D. if the youtube button doesn't work never mind it works...

GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars

Loading Comments...GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars

  • Posted 4th April 2010 by Gws34
  • Votes: +20

Use your GlueFO to split asteroids and collect mineral ore. Upgrade your ship and battle competitors for domination of the asteroid harvesting world.

This and That shorts 3

Loading Comments...This and That shorts 3

  • Posted 30th March 2010 by KrEid
  • Votes: +25

Sorry Weebls-stuff, but because of the 4mb limit, you dont get the fancy menu, just the film. Meh, no biggy :P Enjoy the third ep anyway!

Dr KrEid

Loading Comments...Dr KrEid

  • Posted 2nd March 2010 by KrEid
  • Votes: +31

Well this one originally started as a lip synch test but I decided to expand it and turn it in to a short film. This was just done in about 5 hours and also gave me a chance to add myself as the character...

Matthew and Len

Loading Comments...Matthew and Len

  • Posted 1st March 2010 by Rjgraham
  • Votes: +15

Matthew allows Len to borrow his jacket. Which is a mistake.

Joe The Dinosaur

Loading Comments...Joe The Dinosaur

  • Posted 18th February 2010 by Eddache
  • Votes: +41

The company's profits are down! Can Joe The Dinosaur help?

Rubble Racer

Loading Comments...Rubble Racer

  • Posted 14th February 2010 by Gws34
  • Votes: +19

Race as far as possible through a randomly generated tunnel. Avoid or shoot rubble while collecting helpful powerups.

Magical Trevors Trickathon

Loading Comments...Magical Trevors Trickathon

  • Posted 29th December 2009 by Kiwi Man
  • Votes: +18

Kind of music game thing I made a couple of years ago in the theme of the Magical Trevor toons. Controls are a bit dodgy...

A very confused Christmas

Loading Comments...A very confused Christmas

  • Posted 21st December 2009 by KrEid
  • Votes: +21

Some Christmas songs just raise so many questions... Merry Christmas Weebls-Stuff!


Loading Comments...Blood!

  • Posted 30th November 2009 by KrEid
  • Votes: +32

This film contains blood!


Loading Comments...Drop3

  • Posted 31st October 2009 by Gws34
  • Votes: +21

Match falling shapes in groups of 3 or more in this unique physics-puzzle game.

GLaDos Badass

Loading Comments...GLaDos Badass

  • Posted 31st October 2009 by PBnFlash
  • Votes: +68

Portal fan animation.

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