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Gun Butler

Loading Comments...Gun Butler

  • Posted 10th June 2008 by Murk
  • Votes: +41

Jim, an average fast-food guy who abrely ever shaved, got himself a million dollars and hired on... some unusual helpers.

Redneck Olympics

Loading Comments...Redneck Olympics

Compete in the Redneck Olympics and claim your prize as the top Monster Truck Drivin, Hog Tossin and Pumpkin Shootin competitor ever alive!


Loading Comments...WILSON!

This was the first thing I ever made on flash, and it shows. Hopefully you'll 'get it', but I doubt it. Helps alot if you've seen Cast Away and Say Anything...

Beware of Cliffs

Loading Comments...Beware of Cliffs

  • Posted 1st June 2008 by Barnes
  • Votes: +52

After watching this informational film, you should not have any problems navigating those brutish thugs - cliffs.

Zelda's Quest

Loading Comments...Zelda's Quest

  • Posted 26th May 2008 by BrerSteve
  • Votes: +94

Link is here to save the day. Though he might be lost. Or perhaps he's just looking for the right opportunity to tell you that nobody likes you. For more, go to

The Pianist

Loading Comments...The Pianist

  • Posted 26th May 2008 by OneDollar
  • Votes: +12

A very short cartoon I made to try out frame by frame animation, so the graphics aren't up to much. Still, hopefully it'll raise a smile or two...

Benny Hill Music Video

Loading Comments...Benny Hill Music Video

A music video to everyone (older than 35)'s favourite TV show theme tune! Made this because I was bored, an improvement of this:


Loading Comments...Chronotron

  • Posted 25th May 2008 by Scarybug
  • Votes: +119

It's about a robot that goes back in time for some reason. (His best friend is a talking pie!) Use your time machine to interact with past versions of yourself in this puzzle/platformer!

Today I am a MAN!

Loading Comments...Today I am a MAN!

Short but hopefully sweet

Santa Borrows a Guitar

Loading Comments...Santa Borrows a Guitar

  • Posted 21st May 2008 by Molkman
  • Votes: +55

That's right! Santa's borrowing a guitar in this flick.

Random Teddybear Goodness

Loading Comments...Random Teddybear Goodness

  • Posted 20th May 2008 by AntonyC
  • Votes: +116

Donald the teddybear "helps" Brak test his new microphone.

My Failed Doritos Advert

Loading Comments...My Failed Doritos Advert

I went and pure dun a Doritos advert in order to win loadsa lovely cash but it got rejected the silly bumsniffs :(


Loading Comments...Blergh

  • Posted 18th May 2008 by Aap
  • Votes: +71

A kid goes out for a walk...


Loading Comments...Gravity

Gravity sucks, ask any scientist.


Loading Comments...Super

Superpowers are fun.

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