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Max Damage

Loading Comments...Max Damage

  • Posted 15th August 2009 by Gws34
  • Votes: +21

Shoot cannonballs at stacks of fridges, tv's, and microwaves and cause maximum damage in this fun physics game. Bash, bounce, explode, and burn your way through 49 challenging levels.


Loading Comments...Saunavihta

  • Posted 31st July 2009 by Spelgrim
  • Votes: +14

In the coldest corner of Finland the only way to survive is to learn how to get to the sauna, without being run over by plow trucks, frozen by snowmen or shot by snow canons. Instructions: Click on...

Broken Garden

Loading Comments...Broken Garden

  • Posted 19th July 2009 by Kthorjensen
  • Votes: +17

Storm the gates of Eden in this stylish abstract shooter. WASD or arrow keys to move. Hold Z or Comma (,) to fire primary weapon. Press X or Period (.) to fire secondary weapon. Release fire keys...

-Broken Strings-

Loading Comments...-Broken Strings-

  • Posted 15th July 2009 by Pied3
  • Votes: +36

Hi. This was created in 11 weeks for a school art project, but it was an idea ive had for a while. I spent a lot of time working out how to draw the different animals, and how they move, but colouring...

Zodiac Reactor

Loading Comments...Zodiac Reactor

  • Posted 26th June 2009 by Funface
  • Votes: +28

Zodiac Reactor is a game of timing and skill, where you must capture Fire, Earth, Air, and Water particles in order to fuel an ancient device that has the power to create stars! Timing is everything....

Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore

Loading Comments...Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore

  • Posted 25th June 2009 by Spelgrim
  • Votes: +28

This game is all about weapon upgrades and killing cute animals. Destroy cuddly creatures with 21 different weapons, all while you are wearing a very stylish hat and a nice moustache. The game contains...

EPP Random Potting - Pool

Loading Comments...EPP Random Potting - Pool

English Pub Pool: Random Potting. Pot as many balls as you can! You're allowed 5 misses, but potting the black will give you an extra life. Trophies are awarded for top scores and best...

Gravity's Just A Theory 2

Loading Comments...Gravity's Just A Theory 2

  • Posted 20th June 2009 by Ogvidius
  • Votes: +77

The sequel to "Gravity's Just A Theory", which is also here on the Peepl's Stuff section. If you haven't seen the previous toon, I'll explain a little about these animations. Basically,...

Tom's Wife

Loading Comments...Tom's Wife

  • Posted 19th June 2009 by Rjgraham
  • Votes: +44

Jake happens across Tom. Tom has some bad news.

Tetris Blocks

Loading Comments...Tetris Blocks

  • Posted 15th June 2009 by LukeGreen
  • Votes: +32

you've never seen tetris like this before. two old friends get together for a chat.


Loading Comments...Factory

  • Posted 8th June 2009 by Vanhal
  • Votes: +15

You are the manager of the production line in this factory and you have to make a new items each day. Put the items together then ship them, make sure you don't break anything or else you'll...

Mexican Wave

Loading Comments...Mexican Wave

  • Posted 5th June 2009 by Plazzar
  • Votes: +27

This isn't really a proper game.

Mr. D - Travail

Loading Comments...Mr. D - Travail

  • Posted 4th June 2009 by Carbonwater
  • Votes: +27

Mr. D begins.

Apartment in Space 1.5

Loading Comments...Apartment in Space 1.5

  • Posted 4th June 2009 by Carbonwater
  • Votes: +26

It's an apartment, and it's in space.


Loading Comments...Actionpals

  • Posted 27th May 2009 by Molkman
  • Votes: +36

Join the actionpals on their magic adventure of intensity.

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