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On a Promise

Loading Comments...On a Promise

  • Posted 27th May 2009 by G01010
  • Votes: +12

Mickey is keen. And Gloria is ready and willing...

The Test of Doom

Loading Comments...The Test of Doom

  • Posted 22nd May 2009 by Ogvidius
  • Votes: +95

Two little guys go on an adventure.

Unreal Call of Brothers 5

Loading Comments...Unreal Call of Brothers 5

  • Posted 20th May 2009 by UnrulyMedia
  • Votes: +17 The road to broadband heaven! Uploaded for Be


Loading Comments...turnz

  • Posted 19th May 2009 by Robotjam
  • Votes: +26

A cool original puzzle game designed by Styxtwo with art by robotJAM. You have to help the blobs get to the finish avoiding a series of increasingly difficult puzzles.


Loading Comments...Ittekimasu

Ittekimasu means "I'll go and come back". It's a skill puzzle game. Click escaping buttons to navigate them back to HEXAGON (You can click them again once their bar is filled). You'll...

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

Loading Comments...If You Give a Moose a Muffin

If you give a moose a muffin for reals.


Loading Comments...Nautilus

  • Posted 9th May 2009 by Indigon
  • Votes: +10

Face 18 levels filled with unique and devastating enemies with only a laser turret and 3 special powerups, while trying to reach an high level and accumulate high score. * Left / Right Arrow Keys -...

I'Z a Lil' T-pot

Loading Comments...I'Z a Lil' T-pot

  • Posted 7th May 2009 by ZX71
  • Votes: +13

Remixed, dance version of 'I'm A Little Teapot'.

Attack of the alien sex robots

Loading Comments...Attack of the alien sex robots

  • Posted 7th May 2009 by G01010
  • Votes: +22

Earth is under attack from robots... alien sex robots.


Loading Comments...Acrophilia

  • Posted 2nd May 2009 by Kthorjensen
  • Votes: +15

Higher! Ever higher! You must run, jump and climb sixteen titanic towers, stuffed with danger. Why? Because you are an acrophile one who loves heights! Protip: Walljump to kick blocks sideways after...

Turning Japanese

Loading Comments...Turning Japanese

  • Posted 30th April 2009 by Drattigan
  • Votes: +58

I think I'm turning Japanese, if you get my Tokyo Drift.

Brush Your Teeth!

Loading Comments...Brush Your Teeth!

Brush Your Teeth. A Music Video For The Song By Centerpointe.

A Bird And A Burger - Revised

Loading Comments...A Bird And A Burger - Revised

  • Posted 22nd April 2009 by Pied3
  • Votes: +29

Hello! This is my first submission to the Weebl's stuff, but not my first flash. I have made many flashes but never get round to finishing them, any how this took 4 months to make, runs at 12fps...


Loading Comments...Soup

  • Posted 19th April 2009 by Goat-Man
  • Votes: +31

Made back in January 09 I was bored and looking for something short to animate. The song is originally from a show called, "The Mighty Boosh" I chopped up the song and made it into a nice...


Loading Comments...Lazerbeamz!

  • Posted 3rd April 2009 by Duckies
  • Votes: +56

Have you got a problem you can't solve? Worry not, Lazerbeamz is the ultimate solution to all of your problems!

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