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Oroboros by Funface Games

Loading Comments...Oroboros by Funface Games

  • Posted 7th December 2008 by Funface
  • Votes: +18

Pilot the Oroboros Dragon through multiple dimensions, each with new challenges and enemies. As you progress through the game, your tail will grow and evolve giving you new abilities that you can level...

Magical Trevors Trickathon

Loading Comments...Magical Trevors Trickathon

  • Posted 29th December 2009 by Kiwi Man
  • Votes: +18

Kind of music game thing I made a couple of years ago in the theme of the Magical Trevor toons. Controls are a bit dodgy...

Universithing: Pilot

Loading Comments...Universithing: Pilot

  • Posted 16th June 2011 by KrEid
  • Votes: +18

So here it is! I'm starting Uni this September, and as I go through the years I'm going to be making a kind of "Flash Diary" to document my time there! Here's an explanation...

Dog Bum Chancer

Loading Comments...Dog Bum Chancer

This dog's bum is not to be sniffed at!

Xtreme Coffee Action Set!

Loading Comments...Xtreme Coffee Action Set!

Tired of your son playing with that sissy little pink tea set? Worried that he won't give you any grandkids? Sounds like you need to turn Tea Time into XTREME TIME!


Loading Comments...WYP?

  • Posted 27th November 2008 by NipponMonkey
  • Votes: +17

Explore Yuki's world and find her missing items to complete each level. Collect her coins for a bonus. Stay away from salarymen and Zombie Yuke!

Unreal Call of Brothers 5

Loading Comments...Unreal Call of Brothers 5

  • Posted 20th May 2009 by UnrulyMedia
  • Votes: +17 The road to broadband heaven! Uploaded for Be

Super Moustik Bros : World 1-2

Loading Comments...Super Moustik Bros : World 1-2

Super Moustik Bros is made of : - randomness, - a mosquito, - put in Mario's world, - that is smashed into pieces each time.

Super Moustik Bros : World 1-3

Loading Comments...Super Moustik Bros : World 1-3

Super Moustik Bros is made of : - randomness, - a mosquito, - put in Mario's world, - that is smashed into pieces each time.

The Yellow Banana

Loading Comments...The Yellow Banana

  • Posted 22nd March 2009 by Basti
  • Votes: +17

Meet the yellow banana!

Broken Garden

Loading Comments...Broken Garden

  • Posted 19th July 2009 by Kthorjensen
  • Votes: +17

Storm the gates of Eden in this stylish abstract shooter. WASD or arrow keys to move. Hold Z or Comma (,) to fire primary weapon. Press X or Period (.) to fire secondary weapon. Release fire keys...

This and That short 2

Loading Comments...This and That short 2

  • Posted 20th August 2009 by KrEid
  • Votes: +17

The second episode of This and That. Check out my site for more

Go Home

Loading Comments...Go Home

  • Posted 26th June 2010 by Remivision
  • Votes: +17

Help lost people find their way home in this addictive path-finding puzzle game. Go home through mazes of winding paths in a total of 21 brain-challenging levels!

Try Not to Die

Loading Comments...Try Not to Die

  • Posted 27th January 2011 by Lordapricot
  • Votes: +17

Use the right/left arrow keys to help the little man dodge evil boulders


Loading Comments...Terminal

  • Posted 15th February 2009 by Wivell
  • Votes: +16

Nobody's perfect.

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Universithing: Pilot

Universithing: Pilot

So here it is! I'm starting Uni this September, and as...

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