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Happy Fool

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  • Posted 10th February 2009 by Pushbar
  • Votes: +16

an excuse to write a jolly tune. More like this at

GlueFO 2.0

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  • Posted 26th March 2009 by Gws34
  • Votes: +16

GlueFO is back, this time with 3 game modes, 8 challenges, 42 awards and new upgrades. GlueFO manufacturers could not afford conventional weaponry due a credit crunch, use your GluVex 3000 to capture and...

Fartman Xmas

Loading Comments...Fartman Xmas

  • Posted 22nd December 2008 by Plazzar
  • Votes: +15

Fartman has been on the brussel sprouts and he's fartier than ever, the Fartman Christmas spectacular hosts the addition of snow, christmas hats, a lighter shade of blue for the sea to indicate coldness,...


Loading Comments...Factory

  • Posted 8th June 2009 by Vanhal
  • Votes: +15

You are the manager of the production line in this factory and you have to make a new items each day. Put the items together then ship them, make sure you don't break anything or else you'll...


Loading Comments...Acrophilia

  • Posted 2nd May 2009 by Kthorjensen
  • Votes: +15

Higher! Ever higher! You must run, jump and climb sixteen titanic towers, stuffed with danger. Why? Because you are an acrophile one who loves heights! Protip: Walljump to kick blocks sideways after...

Matthew and Len

Loading Comments...Matthew and Len

  • Posted 1st March 2010 by Rjgraham
  • Votes: +15

Matthew allows Len to borrow his jacket. Which is a mistake.


Loading Comments...IheartPanda

  • Posted 10th June 2010 by Spelgrim
  • Votes: +15

Your goal is to supply the sad people with cuddly pink pandas so that they become loving and happy! Launch your pandas from the PandaCannon and spread the joy! Instructions: Click and hold to charge...

Veggie Fling

Loading Comments...Veggie Fling

  • Posted 25th June 2008 by Gws34
  • Votes: +14

Vegetables. They must be flung.

White Ninja Collection

Loading Comments...White Ninja Collection

  • Posted 11th March 2009 by Goat-Man
  • Votes: +14

A collection of animated shorts based on my favorite web-comic, White Ninja. I purposly avoided comics that had White Ninja talking in them. I didn't think it was my place...

Michael and his big egg head

Loading Comments...Michael and his big egg head

Throw the egghead as far as you can.

Fart Man

Loading Comments...Fart Man

  • Posted 2nd November 2008 by Plazzar
  • Votes: +14

Fart your way through sixteen levels lush landscape, exotic locations and err... the sewers!


Loading Comments...Chromatica

Entertain your brain with this addictive puzzle game inspired by the classic "Lines" game.

I Hate Snowmen

Loading Comments...I Hate Snowmen

  • Posted 4th March 2009 by Goat-Man
  • Votes: +14

Who do they think they are!! Standing all frosty and confident! This outta take them down a peg! Poor snowmen. They aren't even alive you heartless monster!! ----------- Originally made Christmas...

This and That short 1

Loading Comments...This and That short 1

  • Posted 20th August 2009 by KrEid
  • Votes: +14

The first episode of This and That :D Visit my site for more of my stuff ;)


Loading Comments...Saunavihta

  • Posted 31st July 2009 by Spelgrim
  • Votes: +14

In the coldest corner of Finland the only way to survive is to learn how to get to the sauna, without being run over by plow trucks, frozen by snowmen or shot by snow canons. Instructions: Click on...

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