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King Pong

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  • Posted 24th March 2011 by Thiezar
  • Votes: +12

Two Kongs kidnapped a girl and wants to play with her. Throw the girl to the other Kong and catch her back. Don't let the girl die! Use the MOUSE to set the launch and UP and DOWN arrows or W...

Bomb Jack

Loading Comments...Bomb Jack

  • Posted 28th September 2008 by Syndicate
  • Votes: +11

A flash remake of the arcade game BombJack. Jack "defuses" the bombs by simply touching them. As soon as he has touched the first, he triggers a sequence in which another bomb's fuse lights up, and so...

Panda Hates Maze

Loading Comments...Panda Hates Maze

  • Posted 29th March 2009 by GameSquat
  • Votes: +11

Help Grumpy Panda Escape the Maze! Get panda out of the maze. Use your arrow keys to move him around avoiding the Bots out to get you. The objective is to reach the exit, (a green trap door), located...

Bacon Lettuce Tomato

Loading Comments...Bacon Lettuce Tomato

  • Posted 21st September 2009 by Munchie Games
  • Votes: +11

Try to complete 5 BLT sandwiches as fast as you possibly can

The Beast: MDM

Loading Comments...The Beast: MDM

  • Posted 5th October 2010 by 53xy83457
  • Votes: +11

Created for Madness Day 2010 on Newgrounds. A collection of QTE fights against some of the evil doers from the series. Follow the prompts- use the arrow keys to fight and the spacebar for finishers....


Loading Comments...Ghosts

A man, trapped. My entry for the NIN ghosts film festival

Jump For Coins 3D

Loading Comments...Jump For Coins 3D

  • Posted 21st June 2008 by Thebooboo
  • Votes: +10

It's just like my last game, Jump For Coins, except with 3D graphics.


Loading Comments...Nautilus

  • Posted 9th May 2009 by Indigon
  • Votes: +10

Face 18 levels filled with unique and devastating enemies with only a laser turret and 3 special powerups, while trying to reach an high level and accumulate high score. * Left / Right Arrow Keys -...

Color Warriors

Loading Comments...Color Warriors

  • Posted 15th June 2010 by KimboRambo
  • Votes: +10

NOTE: The resolution has been shrunk to fit the standards of Weebl's Stuff, if you want to play Color Warriors in its original 700x600 glory you can do so at my website: Play it with...

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