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Bingo Jingle

Loading Comments...Bingo Jingle

  • Posted 16th August 2008 by Eidderf
  • Votes: +36

Short Bingo animation using the jingle from a weebls-stuff podcast

The Incredibly Amazing Man

Loading Comments...The Incredibly Amazing Man

  • Posted 30th October 2008 by Dailycrumb
  • Votes: +36

This man is better than you


Loading Comments...Actionpals

  • Posted 27th May 2009 by Molkman
  • Votes: +36

Join the actionpals on their magic adventure of intensity.

-Broken Strings-

Loading Comments...-Broken Strings-

  • Posted 15th July 2009 by Pied3
  • Votes: +36

Hi. This was created in 11 weeks for a school art project, but it was an idea ive had for a while. I spent a lot of time working out how to draw the different animals, and how they move, but colouring...

Baby Boom

Loading Comments...Baby Boom

  • Posted 17th November 2008 by Sims5000
  • Votes: +35

The game where you have to try to avoid blowing up a baby with fireworks

how it is done :P

Loading it is done :P

Ok before I get hate mail I am a Weebl fan... I just made this as a dig that he had a loooong time off form the site. I know why he was off with the procreation thing and such and wish him the best of...

Goat Runner

Loading Comments...Goat Runner

  • Posted 24th October 2009 by Goat-Man
  • Votes: +35

Sorry guys, I've forgotten to upload my last couple Flashes. I'll hopefully get them up this week. This movie was made as a tribute to the Vad Flaaten twins "TT: 002 Runner I" Hopefully...

Chalk Adventure

Loading Comments...Chalk Adventure

  • Posted 7th March 2009 by Goat-Man
  • Votes: +33

NOTE: Preloader is a little crappy, but I can't seem to fix it :( An experimental Flash, where the entire movie was animated on a chalk board! The entire movie is comprised of around 450 individual...

Monster truck maniac

Loading Comments...Monster truck maniac

  • Posted 16th December 2008 by Sims5000
  • Votes: +32

The crazy monster truck game

Tetris Blocks

Loading Comments...Tetris Blocks

  • Posted 15th June 2009 by LukeGreen
  • Votes: +32

you've never seen tetris like this before. two old friends get together for a chat.


Loading Comments...Blood!

  • Posted 30th November 2009 by KrEid
  • Votes: +32

This film contains blood!


Loading Comments...Soup

  • Posted 19th April 2009 by Goat-Man
  • Votes: +31

Made back in January 09 I was bored and looking for something short to animate. The song is originally from a show called, "The Mighty Boosh" I chopped up the song and made it into a nice...

Dr KrEid

Loading Comments...Dr KrEid

  • Posted 2nd March 2010 by KrEid
  • Votes: +31

Well this one originally started as a lip synch test but I decided to expand it and turn it in to a short film. This was just done in about 5 hours and also gave me a chance to add myself as the character...

Flash Empires

Loading Comments...Flash Empires

  • Posted 24th June 2008 by Smith1302
  • Votes: +30

Build defenses and armies. Then battle your many enemies! Don't be fooled by their soft appearance.


Loading Comments...Bojangles

  • Posted 17th February 2009 by Wivell
  • Votes: +30

Just a little experiment with kinetic typography. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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