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Compensation (spoof)

Loading Comments...Compensation (spoof)

  • Posted 25th August 2009 by Sgt Cooper
  • Votes: +30

People who watch British daytime TV (especially ITV2) will get this. Everyone else... might not. :P

ragdoll avalanche game

Loading Comments...ragdoll avalanche game

  • Posted 22nd October 2008 by Tomtomgo178
  • Votes: +29

a game where u control ur stick man with the arrow keys and ADVOID THE FALLING SPIKES (dimwit)

A Bird And A Burger - Revised

Loading Comments...A Bird And A Burger - Revised

  • Posted 22nd April 2009 by Pied3
  • Votes: +29

Hello! This is my first submission to the Weebl's stuff, but not my first flash. I have made many flashes but never get round to finishing them, any how this took 4 months to make, runs at 12fps...

Brush Your Teeth!

Loading Comments...Brush Your Teeth!

Brush Your Teeth. A Music Video For The Song By Centerpointe.

Benny Hill Music Video

Loading Comments...Benny Hill Music Video

A music video to everyone (older than 35)'s favourite TV show theme tune! Made this because I was bored, an improvement of this:

Blocks With Letters On

Loading Comments...Blocks With Letters On

  • Posted 25th November 2008 by Gimme5
  • Votes: +28

Fiendish but fun anagram puzzle game! Get your letters to the yellow area to make a word.

Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore

Loading Comments...Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore

  • Posted 25th June 2009 by Spelgrim
  • Votes: +28

This game is all about weapon upgrades and killing cute animals. Destroy cuddly creatures with 21 different weapons, all while you are wearing a very stylish hat and a nice moustache. The game contains...

Zodiac Reactor

Loading Comments...Zodiac Reactor

  • Posted 26th June 2009 by Funface
  • Votes: +28

Zodiac Reactor is a game of timing and skill, where you must capture Fire, Earth, Air, and Water particles in order to fuel an ancient device that has the power to create stars! Timing is everything....

Ompa Ompa

Loading Comments...Ompa Ompa

  • Posted 9th September 2009 by Lysgaard
  • Votes: +28

Me and two friends having a slow day at school + some drawings by me.

Ninja Roll

Loading Comments...Ninja Roll

  • Posted 7th July 2008 by Smith1302
  • Votes: +27

Draw your path and watch the ninja roll! Collect all the stars to reach the next level.


Loading Comments...Blerf

  • Posted 15th October 2008 by Aap
  • Votes: +27

Another kid goes out for a walk... A sequel to Blergh, which can also be seen here on Peepl's Stuff.

Mexican Wave

Loading Comments...Mexican Wave

  • Posted 5th June 2009 by Plazzar
  • Votes: +27

This isn't really a proper game.

Mr. D - Travail

Loading Comments...Mr. D - Travail

  • Posted 4th June 2009 by Carbonwater
  • Votes: +27

Mr. D begins.


Loading Comments...Taxi

  • Posted 17th May 2008 by Aap
  • Votes: +26

Did you know the truth about taxis? I bet you don't. Go find out.


Loading Comments...CARTOON :D

  • Posted 25th October 2008 by Markylyne
  • Votes: +26

Awesomeness is awesome :D

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