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Bomb Diver

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  • Posted 8th March 2012 by Rzn1986
  • Votes: +8

Use your jetpack and grenade launcher to keep your city safe from falling bombs in this frantic retro game! Use the mouse to play, your goal is to avoid the bombs while falling and collect balloons...

RoboJesus: Kill Tests

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  • Posted 16th October 2011 by 53xy83457
  • Votes: +4

A "click button to kill guy" play thing. Created for Madness Day 2011 on Newgrounds.

Oddball: Which Witch?

Loading Comments...Oddball: Which Witch?

  • Posted 13th November 2010 by KrEid
  • Votes: +3

Episode one of Oddball's tale! For more, visit Sorry the sound sucks, I had to compress the teats off of it!

Oddball Halloween 2011

Loading Comments...Oddball Halloween 2011

  • Posted 29th October 2011 by KrEid
  • Votes: +3

Halsey and Antique tell stories in the forest... Sorry for sound quality, had to reduce the file size!

My bum goes (the fart song)

Loading Comments...My bum goes (the fart song)

  • Posted 8th January 2012 by Fred..
  • Votes: +3

We all love farts !! Well, this man has a lot of wind. Watch him expel it !

Max Damage 3

Loading Comments...Max Damage 3

  • Posted 26th April 2013 by Gws34
  • Votes: +1

Max has grown up and returns with destructive new toys including rockets, TNT, and a jetpack. Shoot your way through 50+ levels of physics-puzzling goodness, including the all-new 3-star rating system...

Crab Fishing

Loading Comments...Crab Fishing

  • Posted 9th March 2013 by Randomator
  • Votes: 0

Cross the lines on the items to go and collect them.

The Haunting of Magnolia Manor

Loading Comments...The Haunting of Magnolia Manor

  • Posted 7th November 2011 by Rzn1986
  • Votes: 0

It has been several decades since your death, and it seems that those local living sacks want to invade your property. It is up to you, as the former proprietor of Magnolia Manor, to make sure they all...

Folder Mania

Loading Comments...Folder Mania

  • Posted 23rd January 2013 by Snakep
  • Votes: 0

The Folders have gone Mad. Your mission is to catch as many folders as you can. You need to get at least 3 adjacent folders of the same color to collect them. At start you can only reach 3 folders. Level...

The Lazy Chef

Loading Comments...The Lazy Chef

  • Posted 19th November 2012 by Happyfatties
  • Votes: 0

Episode 4: Learn how to make a healthy and delicious breakfast in seconds!

Folder Mania Plus

Loading Comments...Folder Mania Plus

  • Posted 20th March 2013 by Snakep
  • Votes: 0

Click left mouse to select a folder Keep the button pressed and move the mouse to folders of the same color or a clock or a Zombie Release mouse button to collect them

Dungeons and Puzzles

Loading Comments...Dungeons and Puzzles

  • Posted 29th March 2013 by Snakep
  • Votes: 0

This time your master has gone too far. The attack on the kings castle has faild and now the army of the king is approaching your dungeon. Soon the battle is raging everywhere. As the king and his...


Loading Comments...NG-Duelled

  • Posted 19th May 2013 by 53xy83457
  • Votes: 0

Get it? Cus it's ng characters, duelling. And it's a puzzle game like Bej... oh forget it! - Click 2 adjacent bullets to swap their positions. - Line up 3 or more of the same colour to attack. -...


Loading Comments...MagicHat

err...eeaaaahhhh...... eh?

Hamster Who

Loading Comments...Hamster Who

I had this concept for a rodent that travelled time and space in a blue box...


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