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We have a Winnaaaar!

We have a Winnaaaar!


Hello to you all. Last week we ran a competition for you to design a game which used Science and Maths at its heart and where you could get your idea made by us (and win a PSP 3000....oooooh).
There were a lot of entries to this, 262 in fact. Some were great, some were terrible but very amusing to read and a few required a team of 100 programmers & something other than Flash to make.
Let's take a look at a few shall we? See if you can guess which are good ideas and which are bad but funny.

Idea 122
"How about a game where you have to get pies into orbit around Weebls head or donkeys around Chris the ninja pirates head or a car around bobs so on and so on."

Idea 115
"There is a stack of weebl and bobs. You use the left and right arrows to try to keep them in the air for as long as possible because they wobble a lot.
It could be set out with the normal purple background and stuff and you simply have to move the bottom one to keep them up for the longest time.
Amazing yet simple."

Idea 185
"let it be scary and fun at the same time with loops and curve around the corner."

Idea 19
"A game where you have to bounce a ball into the goal, by rotating pre placed ramps and use of ball launchers (Like in TBA). Some levels could have alternate gravity, or alternating gravity, with powerups. The goal gets smaller and smaller and the level longer and longer every level, so it gets harder. Also, you can choose the power and angle at the ball is originally launched."

Thank you to everyone who entered. It's been fun reading through all the ideas, that's for sure.
And now...

Drrdrrddrrddrr (That's meant to be a drum roll sound if you were wondering).

...It's time to reveal the winner as chosen by us lot here at Weebl's Stuff and the guys who want to tell you how much Science and Maths rocks; DCSF.

The winner is:

Idea 42 by Noah Wentworth.
Noah's idea was well explained, sounds like a lot of fun and involves a giant cork (All will be revealed soon). Woohoo!

Well done Noah.

We shall be blogging about how the game is put together for the next few weeks as well so remember to check that out too.


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