Loading Comments...Brazil

  • Posted 7th November 2007
  • Viewed 547,230 times (232 times per day)

A new musical toon where we rate countries against those Norwegians. This time it's Brazil. Music by: Weebl Animation: Drewmo


Loading Comments...Moo

  • Posted 31st October 2007
  • Viewed 387,826 times (164 times per day)

Cyriak is a nutbag and cows are fantastical. This video proves why you should love him and want his man babies. Check out his website here.


Loading Comments...cube

  • Posted 25th October 2007
  • Viewed 744,423 times (314 times per day)

Weebl seems to have a new friend. Where's Bob?

Honourable Ninja Farm 3

Loading Comments...Honourable Ninja Farm 3

  • Posted 22nd October 2007
  • Viewed 246,249 times (104 times per day)

Milk! Mmmmilk! It's milking time down on the farm.

Cat Face 5

Loading Comments...Cat Face 5

  • Posted 20th September 2007
  • Viewed 470,330 times (196 times per day)

Cat Face tries to relax a little with a chum.


Loading Comments...moody

  • Posted 7th September 2007
  • Viewed 255,059 times (106 times per day)

Bob tries his hand at a different sort of film.


Loading Comments...factor

  • Posted 31st August 2007
  • Viewed 297,295 times (123 times per day)

Weebl trys to enter a competition. Bob is very encouraging.

Cat Face 4

Loading Comments...Cat Face 4

  • Posted 24th August 2007
  • Viewed 544,981 times (224 times per day)

Cat Face is cooking in the kitchen.

Fart Button

Loading Comments...Fart Button

  • Posted 16th August 2007
  • Viewed 493,186 times (202 times per day)

Another toon by Altf4. This one is about the fantastical and thought provoking Fart Button.

Kitty Cats

Loading Comments...Kitty Cats

  • Posted 15th August 2007
  • Viewed 392,640 times (161 times per day)

Altf4 and co. from sing about their love of felines.


Loading Comments...blimp

  • Posted 9th August 2007
  • Viewed 997,611 times (408 times per day)

Everybody needs a blimp.

Arboria Bingo

Loading Comments...Arboria Bingo

  • Posted 4th August 2007
  • Viewed 189,745 times (77 times per day)

Come along and join us at Arboria Bingo!

Cat Face 3

Loading Comments...Cat Face 3

  • Posted 26th July 2007
  • Viewed 542,997 times (221 times per day)

Cat Face goes back to the shops to finally get his food.

Honourable Ninja Farm 2

Loading Comments...Honourable Ninja Farm 2

  • Posted 20th July 2007
  • Viewed 243,639 times (99 times per day)

It's harvest time down on Ninja Farm and Sensei has a challenge for the ninjas. Animation: Drewmo Script: Anifer, Bizunth, Weebl Backgrounds: Peabo


Loading Comments...bird

  • Posted 11th July 2007
  • Viewed 338,639 times (137 times per day)

Weebl and Bob have been away for a while. By Weebl and Bizunth

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