Melons WAB

Loading Comments...Melons WAB

  • Posted 25th November 2013
  • Viewed 17,251 times (73 times per day)

Bob is visited by foods past.


Loading Comments...TLE 6

  • Posted 25th November 2013
  • Viewed 10,851 times (46 times per day)



Loading Comments...Invitation

  • Posted 25th November 2013
  • Viewed 9,740 times (41 times per day)

Bob gets an invite.


Loading Comments...Sneaky

  • Posted 25th November 2013
  • Viewed 10,201 times (43 times per day)

Weebl and Bob continue their mission to get Donkey


Loading Comments...Limbo

  • Posted 25th November 2013
  • Viewed 11,840 times (50 times per day)

Weebl and Bob are dead.

Ice Fishing

Loading Comments...Ice Fishing

  • Posted 14th November 2013
  • Viewed 15,408 times (62 times per day)

A song all about fishing in Ice. Honestly I thought you'd get that from the title really.

Hot Cakes 2 : Roomies

Loading Comments...Hot Cakes 2 : Roomies

  • Posted 1st November 2013
  • Viewed 6,207 times (24 times per day)

Someone moves in unexpectedly. This can only end well I'm sure.

Acoustic Horse

Loading Comments...Acoustic Horse

  • Posted 1st November 2013
  • Viewed 12,194 times (47 times per day)

This is from a live recording we did on the What's Trending channel. Check it.

Hot Cakes

Loading Comments...Hot Cakes

  • Posted 5th October 2013
  • Viewed 13,173 times (46 times per day)

A tale of super hot cakes, black holes and urban street talk.


Loading Comments...CFOOJ

  • Posted 12th September 2013
  • Viewed 28,100 times (91 times per day)

Or Cats Falling Out Of Jugs to give it it's full title. Catchy.

Board Games ep.38

Loading Comments...Board Games ep.38

  • Posted 6th September 2013
  • Viewed 32,436 times (103 times per day)

It's raining and Cat Face needs entertaining.

Bee Colony Collapse

Loading Comments...Bee Colony Collapse

  • Posted 19th August 2013
  • Viewed 16,685 times (50 times per day)

A song about the terrible bee situation. Animated by Paul Ter Voorde.

Duck Week

Loading Comments...Duck Week

  • Posted 9th August 2013
  • Viewed 9,606 times (28 times per day)

These themed weeks on YouTube are getting a little out of hand.

Zombie Street

Loading Comments...Zombie Street

  • Posted 1st August 2013
  • Viewed 11,198 times (32 times per day)

What would you do if zombies actually took over the World?

Summer Unfair

Loading Comments...Summer Unfair

  • Posted 26th July 2013
  • Viewed 11,916 times (33 times per day)

Cat Face goes to a fair with Old Lady. Also he has his own YouTube channel now.

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