Weebl & Bob

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  • Posted 21st April 2007
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Bob does another informative film. This time about colds.


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  • Posted 12th December 2004
  • Viewed 468,188 times (132 times per day)

The 5th part of 'The History Of World According To Weebl and Bob' : The Roman Empire! Big thanks to bluehippo for his work on the toon Credits: weebl, skoo


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  • Posted 20th May 2007
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Weebl gets Bob an exciting gift. Exciting.


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  • Posted 26th April 2011
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Weebl and Bob do some more science.

hat show

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  • Posted 9th June 2006
  • Viewed 394,726 times (132 times per day)

It's a cartoon by Skoo since Weebl is down with the snots and headaches. His work is improving as well.


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  • Posted 11th July 2002
  • Viewed 582,608 times (132 times per day)

Everything seems to have gone a bit...french...quant vous retournex, apportex les tartes! Translation by crys.


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  • Posted 26th April 2005
  • Viewed 447,751 times (131 times per day)

The stunning conclusion! Who will gain Donkey’s affections?! Tune: A Team Theme and some other crap Credits: Weebl, Skoo


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  • Posted 8th December 2006
  • Viewed 369,610 times (131 times per day)

Part 9 of the occasional History of the World According to Weebl and Bob series.


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  • Posted 11th July 2007
  • Viewed 339,139 times (130 times per day)

Weebl and Bob have been away for a while. By Weebl and Bizunth


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  • Posted 20th February 2006
  • Viewed 405,001 times (130 times per day)

Weebl has a wash while Bob does his animating thing.


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  • Posted 24th April 2009
  • Viewed 253,065 times (130 times per day)

Weebl loves him some gravy.


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  • Posted 3rd February 2007
  • Viewed 351,635 times (127 times per day)

Monkey finally decides to try using a toilet rather than the floor.


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  • Posted 21st December 2005
  • Viewed 400,524 times (126 times per day)

Bob is back with more informative information to help you through life.

bobs week in france pt2

Loading Comments...bobs week in france pt2

  • Posted 30th September 2002
  • Viewed 549,026 times (126 times per day)

Bob meets up with his cousin Angry Pierre for a right royal drinking session.Credits: weebl and skoo


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  • Posted 2nd July 2005
  • Viewed 418,276 times (125 times per day)

Bob gets forced to look at Weebl's holiday snaps. written by weebl and skoo music: wednesday's goat - kedgeree cloud eyes

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