Weebl & Bob

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  • Posted 20th June 2008
  • Viewed 254,828 times (120 times per day)

I liked Weebl and Bob before they were popular.

bobs week in france pt4

Loading Comments...bobs week in france pt4

  • Posted 2nd October 2002
  • Viewed 503,672 times (119 times per day)

Angry Pierre takes Bob to see the sights of France.Credits: weebl skoo


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  • Posted 22nd September 2005
  • Viewed 371,462 times (119 times per day)

The eigth part of Weebl and Bobs journey through the anus of history. Requires Flash 8 Player


Loading Comments...heist

  • Posted 10th September 2002
  • Viewed 499,752 times (118 times per day)

The mystery of the stolen pie is revealed, and in true traditon, crime just doesn't pay. Lots of skoo based helpTune: nice bit of pointing - weeblCredits: j.picking


Loading Comments...Den

  • Posted 12th December 2009
  • Viewed 185,847 times (117 times per day)

Weebl and Bob try and get some investment.


Loading Comments...Note

  • Posted 12th July 2009
  • Viewed 193,665 times (111 times per day)

Weebl takes a message for Bob.


Loading Comments...hols

  • Posted 13th June 2005
  • Viewed 356,902 times (110 times per day)

Weebl returns from his holiday. Things ensue. Tune: chocolate grouting fiasco - cheese freaks wednesday Credits: Weebl, Skoo


Loading Comments...gallery

  • Posted 25th August 2002
  • Viewed 469,577 times (110 times per day)

Weebl and Bob turn their thoughts to art and enter a contest where pie is the pize. But disaster strikes! Aiieee!Credits: j.picking and skoo


Loading Comments...Showdown

  • Posted 14th September 2012
  • Viewed 64,426 times (110 times per day)

Weebl and Bob continue on their epic adventure to steal Donkey from the Parallel Universe.

Christmas 5

Loading Comments...Christmas 5

  • Posted 20th December 2007
  • Viewed 254,289 times (110 times per day)

It's the Weebl and Bob Christmas Special!


Loading Comments...L.O.S.T

  • Posted 21st May 2010
  • Viewed 156,618 times (109 times per day)

Weebl has a problem that needs solving.


Loading Comments...History10

  • Posted 11th May 2009
  • Viewed 190,615 times (105 times per day)

Weebl and Bob look at the Victorian Era. By Weebl and Skoo


Loading Comments...moody

  • Posted 7th September 2007
  • Viewed 255,070 times (105 times per day)

Bob tries his hand at a different sort of film.


Loading Comments...history7

  • Posted 8th September 2005
  • Viewed 320,020 times (102 times per day)

History of the World according to Weebl and Bob part 7. another edition of this occasional series wherein we get edumacated by Mr Weebl and Mr Bob.


Loading Comments...conversation

  • Posted 1st October 2008
  • Viewed 203,407 times (100 times per day)

Weebl and Bob have a conversation with a little help. Animated by Zekey.

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